As it turns out Jesus does demographic studies. He does them differently than most today, however. Read Matthew 25:31-46 and discover that the Jesus plan is to search out the following people:
  • Hungry
  • Thirsty
  • Strangers
  • Naked
  • Sick
  • Imprisoned

Having identified these key targets, the plan is to care for them and authentically love them. I certainly believe in healing and deliverance; but in this case the love of Jesus visits the sick and befriends the imprisoned.

Where are these people that Jesus loves so much? In every state, county, reservation, and neighborhood in America.
My quiet time each morning is my favorite part of the day. In recent years, this time has become so important to me that I do not even play golf before I have had time to read Scripture and pray. (That is saying something during the hot summer months in Arizona!) This year, I have sensed the Spirit leading me to read almost exclusively in the Gospel of Matthew. In some of the posts to follow, I hope that you will notice how much that meditation on Matthew’s story of Jesus has begun to influence my life.

Matthew remembers that Jesus was full of compassion. Indeed Jesus was powerfully motivated, perhaps even driven, to act on his compassion. You can click here for the passages in Matthew that describe the compassion-oriented ministry of Jesus.

Compassion ministries have been intricately connected to effective evangelism throughout the history of the Church. More opportunities to act with compassion exist today than ever before. Every community contains a large segment of people in need and in pain. Poor, homeless, addicted, disabled, and grieving people live all around us.

Jesus, form our heart after your heart of enormous compassion. Transform our will so that we can act out of your compassion. Empower us to do what we cannot do without your help. Amen.